Still writing

My monthly poetry challenge is over, but I am still trying to write poetry when the muse strikes. I will be resuming my course soon, and that is likely to lead to a hiatus here. For now – here is a shadorma inspired in part by listening to a Kate Grenville novel during my morning beach run, and my continued indignation and shame at Australia’s treatment of asylum seekers.

alien stars
pierce an unfriendly
sky, turning
blind eyes to
children’s dreams hanging like ghosts
On the moonlit wires

January 28

A sevenling

She sits silently on the step
Tendrils of smoke drift wistfully
Over the greying back garden

Numb with cold and predictability
A slow deep breath, and memories
Abandon her like motes in sunlight

confusion and fear bide their time

January 27

Inspired by a friend, today’s poem is an attempt at a tritina – a shorter version of the complex sestina.  It was very challenging to choose end words to repeat throughout the poem.

Tenderly he brushes hair from her face
Tears on his cheeks as he cradles her hand
Silent wonder, is this where they will end

A new voice and dayshift slides to an end
The nurse speaks but he can’t lift up his face
Soft on his shoulder, she settles her hand

She straightens the sheets, he gives her a hand
Footsteps fade as the round comes to an end
He heaves the chair close and lays down his face

Her face warm on his hand, he dreams the end

January 26

I have missed a few posts because of general busyness, and because Saturday’s challenge to write an erasure poem from the first chapter of Paddington Bear stumped me.  I wrote a couple of cinqkus and a shabby set of rhyming couplets, but they need more work and I although I have posted them on the Month of Poetry website, I am not including them here.

Here is a cinqku for today.

Heart and feet
Lungs exploding
The rhythm is running
Through me