You could have it so much better

I am on a get-fit kick at the moment, and my "torture" of choice is an early morning run with my dog and my mp3 player. I have resisted the I-Pod craze, and have an I-River. Not so funky, very chunky, but at least I only need to carry one accessory – my headphones. My music of choice? At the moment I can't get past Franz Ferdinand – "You could have it so much better". An album that kicks along at a frantic pace from one track to the next, with a couple of unexpected and rather charming beatlesque ballads that seem to appear in time for my slow uphill trudges. In those moments I feel less guilty about the fact that while I am running I could easily be overtaken by the less keen walker. The album is clearly a continuation of their previous self-titled debut, but the songs are distinctive. Their style seems to have matured and the bass runs have got me hooked. My favourite track at the moment (apart from the ballads that match my running pace) is "do you want to". No obvious maturity in the lyrics here, but the guitar licks and pace get me moving faster. This is not a safe driving album.

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