Follow the sun

I have just got back from Queensland. I left Melbourne in rain and cold, and returned to the same. I was glad to bring out my winter clothes again, but there are things that I will miss about Queensland. It is an earthy, natural place. Almost every meal was eaten outdoors, on our friends' 'queenslander' verandah. Simple and refreshing. I never managed the time difference so I essentially went to bed and got up with the sun. It is as though the day itself is the organising life principle, rather than alarm clocks, tv, internet, and the myriad of other things that compete for a slice of our life action. Who would have thought daylight savings would make such a difference? I did hear on the radio that it was considered the primary reason for the Queensland entrant to Australian Idol failing to make the grade last week. It actually made it to a heated parliamentary discussion. Surely there are more pressing matters for our nation obsessed with terror and industrial relations…. I was only away for four days, and busy ones at that, but I feel relaxed. Something just feels right and uncomplicated about life on a verandah, breezes and sunshine.


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