Justice – Man vs God

This morning I will hand in my last paper for a subject I have been studying at Bible College, and thus my headspace is now fully my own again, and I have more time for reading blogs and writing my own. I have been studying the book of Job rather intently as the main focus of an exegetical subject, and I expect that it will permeate some of my blogging for a while til I get it out of my system.

It is an interesting book to read when pondering the whole issue of justice. I am passionate about justice, and dismayed by the lack of it in our world. Job was likewise dismayed by the lack of justice in his time, but he felt similarly towards God. Now there's a familiar line of thinking. How many people, Christians and otherwise, are disturbed about the goings on in the world and the apparent lack of intervention or prevention on God's behalf?

So Job is in good contemporary company. Yet his issue with God was far more personal than many armchair social critics who reflect on injustice but are neither touched by it or do anything about it. (If I am honest, I think I do a bit of armchair time too…). Job was a righteous man, and demanded to be vindicated. His friends thought he was suffering because of his sin (not dissimilar to the idea that people who get aids are being punished). Here's a question I found in my paper research: – "when the justice of God and the righteousness of man clash, what resolution exists?" For Job, the resolution was accepting that his judgment, along with the rest of humanity, was squarely in the hands of God.


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