Last Friday I had my final classical guitar lesson for the year. However, I didn't get around to taking my guitar out of the case at all. I had been looking forward to the lesson because my teacher, also an accomplished luthier, had just finished making an acoustic bass guitar and planned to show it to me. I love playing bass. It is very different to playing guitar and I find it quite a free and expressive instrument. Not to mention rather groovy. I had expressed interest in buying the bass, but had come to the conclusion that I couldn't afford it. I told my teacher as much while playing the guitar, sliding around the fretless neck, enjoying its double-bass(ish) feel and sound. My teacher then told me I could have it, as he likes to give away one guitar a year. This year it was me. I was blown away. The guitar's value is worth a couple of years savings at least. Sometimes people can be astoundingly generous. I was (and still am) touched by the incredible generosity of my guitar teacher. Christmas is ironically a time when generosity is celebrated, but often traded in for self-focused materialism. Christmas seems to be reduced to spending money on uneccessary gifts, while mostly ignoring the greatest gift, the most dramatic and tender display of generosity ever known. God who came to us for the sake of love. God who continues to come, if only we can look past the tinsel.


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