Sitting with Job Part 6

In dust and ashes Job sits, bereft. Job is stripped of dignity and all that matters to him. The God whose care preserves him seems far away; the God who terrifies is unbearably close. Job's friends are as nurturing as his own bony flesh. Yearning for justice, Job is desolate but not defeated. In a pinnacle statement of faith and hope, Job boldly declares that his Redeemer lives, and that he will see God. Oblivious to the heavenly drama, Job speaks truly. The Redeemer watches his servant Job, and waits. Perhaps He also weeps.

I don't generally struggle with blaming God for bad things that happen. Perhaps this is because unlike Job, I find it hard to attribute responsibility for them to God. I know God uses difficult experiences to teach and mould me. But does He permit, or or does He bring about trials? Again unlike Job, I struggle to integrate God who devastates me with God who redeems me. I know that God's sovereignty is limitless. My understanding is not.

Almighty God, I don't know where to begin with comprehending Your terror and tenderness, Your mercy and judgment. You reveal Yourself to me, and yet you are hidden. I can only trust.


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