Week of Soul

I have just had a week (almost) at Belgrave Heights Convention Centre for the annual Soul Survivor festival. Soul Survivor is targeted at young people, and is a great time of pressing in to God, pondering things of a spiritual nature, awesome worship, and of course no sleep and great merriment. I reckon I paced several kilometres per day around the sprawling campsite, and danced,clapped and sung more in a few days than I probably will for the rest of the year.

The entertainment highlights included dancing to Rivertribe, and watching incredible testosterone driven stunts involving skate boards and bikes. I watched one utterly brave young man catch some serious air as he leapt over eight metres on a bike with no front brakes. This young man stopped himself by throwing himself off his bike. I kept imagining blood everywhere. I believe he did sprain his wrist, but thankfully nothing more dramatic. The prize for the competition? A chikki fold and a lammy bab. Sounds a bit like Esau, only it required physical rather than moral compromise. The commentary was far more exciting than 774 cricket coverage. And I felt like I was in a time warp – tight jeans with tiny ankles and knee-cap bottoms were everywhere to be seen amongst the competitors, with the obligatory display of 15 centimetres or so of undies. Apart from the last feature, it was like being surrounded by the boys of my youth.

I expect to post a few thoughts over the coming days, especially around the workshop topics. This will include the notion of social pornography (I hesitate to use the word for the potential spam!), the role of repentance in forgiveness, and money. Stay tuned.


2 thoughts on “Week of Soul

  1. Can’t wait to hear your comments on the workshops, there was some real quality there. But I can’t believe you mentioned entertainment highlights without the inclusion of Justin Grounds. That was one of the best live gigs I’ve been to in ages!

  2. I never actually made it to hear Justin Grounds, so I couldn’t really comment on it in the entertainment round-up. I did hear that it was good though, and one of my group bought the CD, so I shall definately give it a listen. I liked what I heard when they were playing it at Salsa Viva. I also left out the pinata sagas in my overview. I loved the mad dash to save ‘Spidey’, and considered donating to the worthy cause of saving the penguin. However, you just had to be there to truly appreciate the seriousness of the pinata.

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