Green with envy

Australia has had a bit of bad press lately. We have been under the microscope for a variety of reasons, including our involvement in Iraq, our treatment of detainees, and racial tensions. An article in today's Age calls Australia a nation of waste. Not a title to invoke national pride. New Zealand is officially the most environmentally sound country in the world. And Australia? We are not even in the top ten. Here's a list of the top ten environmentally responsible countries:

1. New Zealand

2. Sweden

3. Finland

4. Czech Republic

5. Britain

6. Austria

7. Denmark

8. Canada

9. Malaysia

10. Ireland

Out of 133 countries, we are ranked 20th, eight places higher than America. We are ranked very poorly on water waste (119th), and and 94th for air quality, courtesy of our love of cars. The bottom positions are occupied by the poorest of countries who do not have the resources to implement environmentally sound principles. Maybe it is time for the traditional rivalry between Australia and New Zealand to be directed towards something that matters – looking after our environment.


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