Sitting Job Part 8

Tension precedes a storm. I imagine that at the closing of the final mortal speech there would have been a moment where Job, the friends and any other observers may have held their collective breath in anticipation. Would God answer Job's challenge? Would Job perish for making his stand? Or for the ultimate anti-climax, would Job simply follow the course of his disease, and slowly fade away?

The storm comes. No longer an observer or behind the scenes protagonist, God speaks twice in a thunderous theophany. He addresses Job, not with answers but with bewildering questions. God takes Job on a whirlwind cosmological tour of His creation. Job is shown the creatures and features of both his known and unknown world, but through a divine lens. He glimpses an expansive multiverse that is beautiful, diverse, and incomprehensible. And God is delighted by it. Through sampling God's masterpieces, Job sees that he has spoken without knowledge and answers God with a changed heart. Job is reassured that God's omniscience and omnipotence is sufficient for all of creation, including Job's own predicament. Job is put in his place, but it is one of dignity and communion with his creator.

Whenever I talk about God, like Job, I talk about things that I do not understand. May the created world be my teacher.

God, my very existence is evidence of Your grace. Help me to accept both my creaturely status and my worthiness in You.

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