One God. One Bible. Many interpretations.

In an earlier post I confessed to a secret tech obsession. Amongst other things I subscribe to a mailing list for Christian users of Linux, an open source alternative to Windows. I never post on it, but some of the discussions are interesting, especially when they are not talking tech. A woman has recently joined. This is a rare occurrence, so I became curious to find out about her. She has her own website,and seems to have put a lot of work into it. She covers various domesticities such as cleaning and cooking, and has some interesting things to say about schooling and relationships.

She is passionate about home schooling. I have no problem with that – I think it can work really well for some families. She goes further to imply that it is the only biblical and Godly way to educate children, and provides scripture to support her argument. She believes it is the only way to ensure they are taught correctly.
How do we (children included) engage, impact, and survive in our community as Jesus did, if we separate ourselves?

She wrote also about male/female relationships. One of her points was that the wife should learn everything (spiritual) from her husband, as her leader. lf she has a question that he is not able to answer, she should (out of respect) wait for him to solve it, thus preserving his honour as head. lf he is not interested, she is to ask permission to do research. If he says no, she is to pray about it and leave it with him, as an act of submission. This view was again supported through use of scripture.

The bible certainly has some interesting things to say about husband/wife relationships, and to be honest, I wrestle with bits of it. But this perpective was new to me. The diversity in biblical interpretation is staggering – from points of view like this to radical feminist perpectives. Both camps are hard for me to take. Sometimes l wonder if we all read the same bible.


One thought on “One God. One Bible. Many interpretations.

  1. It just sounds much too much like a set of principles setup so they cannot be challanged by those who they controll. Anything that manages to do that must strike most of us as unjust.

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