Soul Food

l don't think l have ever posted on food before. This is odd really, given that l am really passionate about food. Especially eating it. l have eaten out a lot over the last few days as l have been involved in a Forge intensive, mostly located at St Martin's, Collingwood. l will be posting a bit about the intensive over the next little while, but this one is a tribute to a fabulous meal in a tiny little restaurant in Smith street called Cocoro. Cocoro sells delicate Japanese pottery, and a simple modern Japanese menu. The space was light and uncluttered, in a way that seems effortlessly achieved by the Japanese. Jazz played in the background. We decided to eat there for two reasons – the price was great, and we felt instantly relaxed. I ate simply – deep-fried tuna with salad, and steamed rice. The flavours were magnificant, as harmonious as the surroundings. The meals were served in beautiful Japanese pottery, completing the sense of having stepped into another world, a reprieve from the bustle and grime of Smith street. I wished that I didn't have to rush to the next seminar. It was food for my soul of a different kind.


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