The ? of God

l was at a Brian Mclaren seminar yesterday. Much of the discussion was about changing world paradigms. Someone in the audience said that the picture of the Kingdom of God did not make sense to him. As he rightly pointed out, he knows of a time of incorporations, commerce, not kingdoms. Kingdoms of course would have meant a great deal to Jesus' audience. What contemporary metaphors would convey the same understandings now, especially to an unchurched person? The economy of God? Life under God?


7 thoughts on “The ? of God

  1. tsk tsk unix !:= freely available

    I would have to sugest god is the infrastructure of the internet, he created the possibility of everything and had a plan for it, we have the power to distort it though.

  2. Godle – free and completely reliable – perfection in communication, with a vision statement to die for.
    All distortions graciously allowed, with supremely wise responses for all to read and learn from. If we don’t, the electricity fails in our particular house?

  3. yeah,anonymous, or some other take – maybe Godallgle – except that’s hard to spell. Just playing with the idea. I’m still interested in the Kingdom
    idea – would God not surprise all with a new thing?

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