Wrapping up my reflections on the book of Job

I have been rather sidetracked in the last couple of weeks and have not got back to finishing my series on Job. My mind is buzzing with thoughts from the Forge Intensive, and I expect to post on some of this. However, I don't like to leave things unfinished, so here is my last post on the book of Job.

The story of Job concludes with series of dramatic reversals. Job who yearned for a mediator now mediates for his friends. The friends who stood in judgment over Job are themselves judged and found wanting. God proclaims Job's right standing with Him, but the restoration is not completed until Job prays for his friends. And then the party begins. The man who wept alone is surrounded by comforting family and friends. Dust and ashes make way for silver and gold. Job is blessed beyond all that he has ever known. He dies, old and full of days.

At the beginning of Job's trials, he yearns for his birth to be cursed, to not have been. At the end Job's story is one of a long, blessed life. He prevails through incredible adversity. Job does not lay claim to healing and reinstatement of wealth, but clings to his creator and his integrity. Job is concerned with matters of e ternal consequence – his relationship with God. I see my own life journey in part. How easy it is to be overwhelmed by pain, instead of celebrating the precious gift of life in relationship with God in all its intricate colours, both bleak and beautiful.

God, help me to entrust You more fully with the life You have given me. Grant me the courage to walk wherever You take me. Help me to stand, and stand again.


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