Hotel Rwanda

I have just finished watching Hotel Rwanda on DVD. I am overwhelmed by the horror of it. The senselessness of slaughter resulting from colonially orchestrated racial tension. The exodus of many Westerners, including the ministers of religion. The apparent impotence of the rest of the world, bystanders.. One comment hit hard. Paul, the main hero of the story was convinced that seeing the horrendous footage would move the West to act. The white reporter told him that the world would watch the evening news, and get on with their dinner. lt was not until the film was over that the cold truth struck me. ln 1994 l was an adult. l would have seen the news and got on with my dinner. God forgive my apathy.


One thought on “Hotel Rwanda

  1. hey christina,

    thanks for writing that comment about Job on the signposts site. It’s made me want to look further into Job (which is a book i’ve always loved)


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