Evangelism – starting with Jesus

This might seem rather obvious, but l can't think of any better place to start. l don't mean some well documented treatise to prove his existence, or an in-depth theological explanation of our sinfulness. We are known as 'Christ-ians'. My own name means follower of Christ. Surely Jesus must be central in how we live our lives and tell our stories. Have you ever done Alpha? l had the opportunity to facilitate a group last year. l found Nicky Gumble engaging, funny, honest. But it seemed more like Theology 101 than a journey to meet Jesus. l think it is a valuable tool, and it has been life changing for many. l have looked at alternatives, and found them lacking in one way or another. l have come across another approach requiring a very basic resource that every Christian should have – a bible. Last Friday l was at a Neil Cole seminar. Amongst many things he spoke about evangelism. Neil uses the Gospel of John. He looks at the recorded miracles of Jesus and asks the following three questions: What does the story say about
1. Human nature
2. Human need
3. Jesus

lt doesn't matter where you stand in relation to Jesus – anyone can draw something from the passages when looked at in this way. The first miracle involves a party, some water, and some excellent wine. What a fun place to start, with Jesus at the centre. l am looking forward to trying this…

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