God not always Right

This headline in the Herald Sun caught my eye whilst flicking through on my lunch break at work today. The article is written by Tim Costello and Jim Wallis. The alignment with right wing politics and Christianity in America is blindingly obvious, and it was not so long ago that I breathed a sigh of relief that Australia was not quite so polarised. However, it is also plain to see that religion has become a significant player in Australian politics. It's power was tasted in the last federal election. The icing on the cake was Howard's interest in Hillsong, and the liberal attentiveness to the Families First party. However, as Costello and Wallis write, "God is not a republican or a Democrat, Liberal or Labor". I for one take comfort in that. Does spirituality have a place in politics? Absolutely. Separating them results in a "spirituality without social consequences and a politics with no soul". Well said again, Costello and Wallis. I pray that Christians in this country don't reduce political activism to the polarised voting habits of the US, but embrace both "spiritual integrity on the one hand and social justice on the other". This has to lead to action. Action for the poor, the environment, for those who are politically, economically or socially disadvantaged. Action is required from handing out of a cup of water, treating those who are different to us with dignity and respect rather than suspicion and fear, to shaping policies that promote social justice. I don't vote on issues of morality, but my vote is swayed by justice.

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