“In ten years time, some of them will no longer be Christians…”

I receive email updates from the ABC that provides an overview of all kinds of spirituality related articles and shows. This quote came from radio program Perspective, commenting on the rise of pentecostalism, as evidenced in churches such as Sydney’s “Hillsong” and Adelaide’s “Paradise Church”. The brief article refers to the courting of the megachurches for their voting power, and the quote seems to imply that winning votes of young converts will be short-lived as they eventually come to reject their faith. A negative picture. Yet probably fair. Large churches do have a big front door. And an equally large back door. The mainstream church struggles as it fights to preserve tradition in a culture where grey is the new “black” and “white”. Australia is not currently showing the fruits of revival, if anything, the “church” has never looked so inconsequential in all of history. Yet there are bands of us out there, scattered amongst the tradtional churches, the emerging churches, the megachurches, the unchurched, who continue to burn inside with a desire to follow Jesus wherever that leads. Revival? Maybe not. But I do think there is an increased searching for deeper, authentic, costly spirituality, with hands and feet. Something far more powerful than politics. Sorry Howard.

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