A while ago I posted on the movie “Hotel Rwanda”, reflecting somewhat bitterly on global apathy (including my own) in the face of incredible injustice and inhumanity.  And I have nearly been guilty of it again.  The current goings on between Israel and Lebanon are horrendous, and if it wasn’t for Geoff’s post, I may have had no more than a passing thought about it, with a brief ponder about what if anything, the events mean in the light of eschatology.  How subtly I can become emotionally calloused.  Check out this footage from the Sydney Morning Herald to see and hear the suffering behind the headlines.  Yet again I must seek God for Him to break my heart with the things that break His.  This is the only lasting innoculation against my apathy.  It is a subtle thing, apathy.  It is like amputating our hands, feet and heart, for under its influence we choose to do and feel nothing.


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