“Replacement church unlikely to equal original”

I found a link to this article as part of my regular ABC religious program newsletter.

“It could be some time before the Catholic community at Adaminaby gets a new church.

St Mary’s church was burnt down earlier this month and members of the parish are still taking stock of what they can do about replacing their place of worship.

Church spokeswoman Lou Mackay says there will be an insurance payout, but it will not be enough to rebuild on the same scale as the old church.

“We’d have to think very carefully about what we’ll put up because the old church was such an historic structure and to build something to replicate something quite like that is probably out of the question I would imagine.”

If only this acknowledgment aboout the pointlessness of trying to recreate a historic church (building) could be extended to how we go about building church (as people) now. The people of this Catholic community are on to something – they realise that they can’t replicate the historic structure that had been their church before it burnt down. They need a fresh imagining. So do we.


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