I have been a bit quiet here for the last week, but with good reason.  I have just moved house, possibly one of the most exhausting things one can do (apart from physical things that are fun and exciting!).  However, we have just one room and about twenty boxes to go, so I shall be back on track soon.  I have started reading a book by Pinnock on the Openness of God, so expect more posts on this rather interesting way of thinking about God soon…


3 thoughts on “Exhausted…

  1. this is dunlapw, btw.

    I remember the moving process. Best of luck!

    Hope you’re not having to lift all those boxes yourself, though. I’d help, but I’ve got this inconvienient thing called college. 😦

    Anyway, hope to hear more of your thought-provoking thoughts soon!


  2. The Blogging way seems to be a great way to learn about topical issues and hear varying perspectives… Keep up the good work Christina… I think I can speak on behalf of your regular visitors that we are looking forward to your next post

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