Introducing Jemima

It has been a while since I last posted, and I have had serious trouble finding a moment to get near my computer.  However, it has been with good reason.  I don’t usually post daily life events here, but I guess my blogging drought is not caused by an everyday event.  I have just had my first baby (Jemima is now 9 days old, and of course, perfect).

Jemima - 1 day old

Jemima’s www debut at 1 day  old

14 thoughts on “Introducing Jemima

  1. Oh what a gorgeous girl! I have been waiting to see a pic….thanks for breaking your blogging rule to introduce us to Jemima(on-behalf-of-all-us-eagerly-interested, but-not-wanting-to-pry-friends out here)!

  2. Yes the world has changed Geoff, I vaguely remember the notion of sleep,e eclipsed by what I refer to as the 2.00am or thereabouts feeding frenzy… and yes she is beautiful. I guess I am biased though.

  3. Wow- motherhood has brought some changes Christina- never thought I’d get to see the little dove on here! But I’m glad you’ve done it 🙂
    Sorry to hear sleeping’s still an issue :s I guess it just comes with the job-description lol
    She’s an incredibly beautiful girl 🙂 Just like her mum! 😉

  4. Just got back from holidays and read the great news. Congratulations guys! I look forward to seeing the beautiful Jemima (nice name!) at a Forge event sometime soon. 😀

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