That “M” word again.

My posts on morality have sparked the most conversation I have had on this blog so far, and I can’t resist having a final word or two.  Morality.  It seems to be the issue that drives and divides Christian politics, and self-righteous Christians everywhere.  I have high moral standards for myself.  As much as I possibly can, I strive to do what is right – not just for me (as in if it feels good do it), but what I believe to be right as a Christian.  However, I would like to add that morals upheld by Christianity are not exclusively found amongst Christians.  They are represented in various ways across all societies and cultures, perhaps as a marker of how we are all created in God’s image, and all of us reflect this in some way.   Back to the point:  I work on and value my “personal” morality.  I am growing in my awareness of what it means personally to practice “public” morality.  I think there is a distinction, and it is not necessarily best reflected in the areas of legislation that typically dominate the Christian political landscape that have already been discussed on this blog.  Morality is about right and wrong conduct – constructs that are very much shaped by our underlying value systems.  Christians seem proficient on advocating for personal morality, but how do we fare on public morality?  By public morality I mean “right and wrong” on a societal level.  Do we fight for equality? Freedom from poverty, oppression, exploitation?  How loudly are our voices heard crying out for justice? Does our justice roll on like a river (Amos 5:24)?  Chapter 5 has a lot to say about trampling of the poor, injustice.  God speaks out that he hates the religious feasts (I reckon this could relate to Sunday church in our context) etc (verse 21), but wants to see justice and righteousness. For those of us who have a political voice, let justice be our cry.  Let our actions be likewise.  Let us be slow to speak in judgement over others, but quick to stand up for those who our society considers least.


One thought on “That “M” word again.

  1. Hello!

    Just stumbled across your site. Morality! mmmm. Prince Charles is on some of the front pages of the newspapers here in the UK today because he’s getting involved in a moral issue – the death penalty!

    A Brit is on death row in Pakistan and Prince Charles has written to the Prime Minister of Pakistan about it!

    Everyone likes to have their say.

    God bless,
    Maria in the UK

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