Does your bible have holes?

I found this article about a new Bible translation hailing from the Netherlands (thanks to a post from from Backyard Missionary).  The Western Bible.  Holier than swiss cheese, the Dutch have boldly gone where no-one has dared go before – at least in print.  Don’t want to give your goods to the poor?  Do you feel that dying to self is a useless construct drowned out by the western mantra where the most important person in the world is YOU?  Get your hands on the Western Bible.  The thoughtful translators have saved us the effort of ignoring or trying to rationalise these difficult passages by simply leaving them out. Chunks of the beautitudes, ten commandments, proverbs, anything to do with justice or selfless living has got the axe. Jesus obviously didn’t study economics, according to De Rijke.   The rationale?  “We don’t use them anyway”.  Ouch.  Interesting that these passages have to be removed from the bible before we sit up and take notice, and  that would appear to be the point of the whole exercise.  You can read more here.  Here’s the challenge – what bible do we live by?


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