Who is my mother?

Family FirstPolitical signage is littering the roadscape as we approach election time, and I find it interesting to see how candidates promote themselves.  Suave smiling suits with catchy slogans, or not.  I spotted the text only Families First billboard – “Vote 1 for Family First – Put your family first”.  Now I probably have a slightly different perspective on the concept on account of a dramatic new addition to my life called Jemima, however, this sign smacks of individualism.  Put YOUR family first.  Not the one down the road, the struggling single mother, the manual labourer and father of three who works achingly long hours for a few cents more than unemployment benefits.  NO, this is a call to put MY family first.  Now of  course I want the best for my family.  But who is my family?  Jesus himself asked the question, and the answer encompassed so much more than Mary and Joseph.  As Christians with a political voice, surely our “family” must likewise must extend beyond ourselves.  Our “family” must include the oppresssed, the poor, the disadvantaged, single people.   Maybe they should put “PEOPLE FIRST“.


5 thoughts on “Who is my mother?

  1. Family First, it could safely be said, are rather insane to begin with. Their policies are laughable while they possess no credible thinkers in their ranks.

  2. Its a sorry tale when the Australian ‘Christian party’ is appealing to hedonistic tendencies. You may be right Matt, they haven’t thought this one through.

  3. Failing to think is the trademark of Family First though. So it is par for the course.

    I always like how most of the Christian parties agree with my view of Christian values less than the weirdo hippie parties (they know I love them).

  4. I can’t comment on Aussie politics, I’m not familiar with them, being from the US. On the whole, though, Christian politicians are either way too stupid or way too ignorant to ever seem to get things totally right, regardless of location.

    Doesn’t mean we have to like it, though. Anyway, good post, Christina, keep ’em coming!


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