(Re)present(ing) Christmas

I got the idea for the brackets in my title from here… It is December, and the build up to Christmas (or should I say Chri$tma$) is as consumeristic as ever. I have to sadly admit that my focus thus far has been on what presents I should buy for people, how much to spend (the big bills always seem to come in at Christmas), and the inveritable challenge of where to spend Christmas day, traditionally as carved up between scattered family members as the beloved roast dinner. Somehow, if we are really honest, the “reason for the season” is often a lesser focus than presents and family. I came across a cheeky website called buynothingchristmas.org, and found some great posters that challenge our western Christmas obsession with Christmas gifts. Here are a couple of  examples:

think_outside_the_box1.gif where_did_i_say2.jpg

Jesus is not that interested in Chrissie presents – no gift we could ever give could come any where near the ultimate gift he gave us. I know this is rather obvious for those of us who follow Jesus. However, if my priorities are reflected by the time I spend on them, then I certainly need to shift my focus somewhat…


5 thoughts on “(Re)present(ing) Christmas

  1. Hmm so true! The other day I was watching tv and one mother was saying ‘Christmas is such a lovely time of year because everyone is thinking about what they can give someone else, rather than what they can get for themselves’…which in reality is a very good thing!! But- where’s God in that equation?? While it sounds nice it still misses the point behind why we give things to other people; and that without God’s gift in the centre of it all, all of our gifts are meaningless.

  2. ‘Christmas is such a lovely time of year because everyone is thinking about what they can give someone else, rather than what they can get for themselves’

    Christ is all over that concept, its thinking about others, which is a large part of what the NT boils down to.

    But thats just an accident

  3. christmas has a whole differant meaning these days it isnt about celebrating the birth of our saviour (jesus) it is more about presents and gifts, i cant say that i havnt looked forward to christmas for all the presents but a very high percentage of people dont think of jesus at christmas at all:

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