I was checking my stats today to discover that I had been tagged.  Twice.  Now I am a bit ignorant of such things and had to look up what a meme is and what I am supposed to do with it.  A meme (according to the trusty wiki) is a unit of cultural information that is “transferable from one mind to another”.  Memes must therefore thrive in a blogging environment.  I have been tagged with the “six weird things about me” meme. So here goes.

1.  As a teenager I loved to sit and read the dictionary.  I took particular delight in finding obscure words, using them in my essay when a simpler word would do, and arguing with my english teacher about the word’s legitimate place in the english language.  I have been known to bring out the dictionary with a triumphant flourish.

2.  I am a Battlestar Galactica addict.  I was listening to a christian DVD today talking about the hebrew word/name adama, and all I could think about was the Galactica’s revered leader.

3.  I am a geek.  I like to play around with my operating system, and have not used Windows as a primary OS (still dual boot of course) for about four years.  My distro of choice?  Kubuntu.

4.  I have been obsessed with the Dune series – I have read every one of them, and even suffered through the movie with a rather weird performance from David Bowie.

5.  I love the dark, walking at night (not much opportunity for that now) and love nothing more to run as hard as I can on a full moon night accross fresh grass or in the sand.

6.  Like Will, I have a photographic memory for some things.  When preparing for an exam I use different colours to highlight headings etc, and in the exam I recall the colours, layout, and lastly the notes in each section.  I also remember phone numbers.  I still remember a friend’s phone number from grade six primary school (and that was a long time ago ;-).

So now I am supposed to tag six people, and can tag back people who tagged me…





Hmmm, that is going to have to do as I can’t think of six people just now….

16 thoughts on “Memes

  1. I agree with Ash on this one. Besides, finding six weird things about me was hard enough! 🙂

    I liked the post though, my photographic memory sister!

  2. That’s weird Bec – it looks perfectly fine in Firefox – text alignment, side bar etc. What browser are you using? I haven’t looked at it lately in IE – don’t use it. Anyone else noticed problems with layout?

  3. That’s weird – I’m using latest firefox too – maybe there was a issue? I don’t muck around with my template much (can’t anyway as I don’t host it). Anyway I enjoyed your top six – impressive tongue shot!

  4. LOL! I still can get caught up in reading the dictionary…and the encyclopedia, as well! And I thought you might like to know the word for those of us who love big words: sesquipedalian. (I’m not sure if that’s the exact spelling…one of my dictionary-reading sons has absconded with mine 😉 )

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