God’s love “gift-wrapped”

“It is our goal to wrap God’s message — His love — in acceptance, and in a way that blends seamlessly into `pop’ culture while still upholding the values we, as Christians, value most,” Wright Generation’s mission statement reads.”

I found this quote on this blog via the Jolly Blogger (convoluted way to start this post I know, but the eternal uni student within feels compelled to quote sources).

This quote is apparently part of the rationale behind “Gifted” – the subject of my last post. Wrap God’s message, His love?  As if anything we do could possibly contain, “wrap” or express all that is God’s love.  I know that one way of describing the incarnation is God sending his Son as the ultimate gift to us, but I didn’t see Jesus blend seamlessly into the “pop-culture” of his time. Jesus was not one for blending in, seamlessly or otherwise. Or for being wrapt up in the trappings of his culture. How Jesus challenged, complied with and transcended his culture is a topic for another post.   To me it looks like cashing in on a marketplace strategy – showcase young talent (to be one of the “Gifted” you need to be between 18-24 years old), make profit off the CDs, boost TBN’s ratings. To be honest, where is God’s love in that? He may be the subject of the songs, but that’s all. I am all for engaging with culture and using it’s mediums to engage in stories that lead to Jesus.  We don’t need to lose our saltiness to do so.

This summation from Hal Paxton says it all:

What we have here is yet another example of some in the Church setting aside the robes made white by the blood of the Lamb for the tattered garments of the world.”

2 thoughts on “God’s love “gift-wrapped”

  1. Great post Christina.

    I love Christian music. It’s what I mostly listen too. But the ever growing trend to imitate the world with it really concerns me.

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