Smoke what you’re selling

No, I am not promoting drug use, but this quote from Brian Mclaren’s series presented at the Revolution Conference has stayed with me.  As intended, it grabbed my attention as Brian hit the crux of his point – it is easier for us to promote Christianity than practice it.  You can listen to the mp3s here.  Do we merely promote our faith, or do we live it?  I think those who are opposed to Christianity have a keenly honed radar for the hypocrite, hence the media delight in the church’s fallen heroes.  No need to name anyone for the media does its job well.  But I think McLaren was not necessarily talking about those the media descends upon like a murder of crows (love that line from an old Sting song…!).  Promotion is not synonymous with practice.  Practicing Christianity is far more scary.  Lets be honest here – evangelism (aka promotion in one of its more easily recognised forms) is a scary prospect.  We are often not bold and mumble apologetically “um yeah, I go to church” or whatever admission we feel comfortable to make.  But it is not a patch on practice. Practicing Christianity is simply seeking to live like Jesus. To really do that, not just paying lip service, is the most full on risky endeavour we could ever undertake.  It could take us to places and people where we would rather not go.  It could, and should, cost us everything.


4 thoughts on “Smoke what you’re selling

  1. funny how its easier to lure the peeps into a faith or a religion but its next to impossiple for many to – as all great leaders can and not just aspire and for the most part generally do – put thier faith and religion into practice

    by defining thier faith and not just deciphering all things cabbalatastico’ faiths such as this one maybe e legitimised………………………………….

  2. Thanks for the links Christina!

    Great to catch up with you, Jemima and Scott over the weekend at DS II!

    Love, Neal

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