New theme…

Just trying out a new look here – tired of the blues…  If only I could edit the CSS for this one – I like bits of it, but would love to change bits too.


10 thoughts on “New theme…

  1. all but the big fat home bar and the dashboard along the top is nice! I like the header, a bit more.. yeah life to blog 🙂 although to be honest with what you have to say it doesn’t really need much help.

    why can’t you edit the css?

  2. Hi all, thought I replied to this but my comment seems to have disappeared. Thanks all for your feedback. I don’t like the big chunky home bar either Bec! I would also use a different font for the title too if I could. Ashish is right, if I paid up I could edit the CSS. I haven’t put any money into the blog as I see it more as a bit of fun and a space to think and dialogue rather than something to pay for. The downside of this is being stuck with what you have. Anna, the image is a slice of a photo of sunlight through a linden tree at my old house taken with my camera on its first day in my hot little hands. BTW Ashish, looking forward to seeing the new header you have talked about creating… 🙂

  3. Hmmm? Your avatar looks the same here, but on my blog it shows a different one! Anyways…

    If I ever payup for my blog, I’d host it on my own domain and do all the styling myself instead of being on, much more customising! 🙂

    The header… well don’t expect it sometime soon. I’ve still got to lay my hands on all of the costumes, then take the photos, then edit them! [Yes, it’ll be me on the header! Just don’t tell anyone!]

  4. Looks like they’ve tried giving this theme a Windows Vista look with that “Home” bar in the header.

    I like the theme though,it’s very nicely arranged if I might say so,like the way it shows the dates as well.

  5. Ah you liked the Anti-Socials header? Pretty cool cause I made it 😛

    It’s not there any more because we changed the theme to Quentin.I wanted to keep Freshy with the same header but it wasn’t looking any good so we decided it’d be Quentin for sometime.Wouldn’t have changed the earlier theme at all if there weren’t that problem with line breaks.

    Btw,I guessed your header Ash,you’d probably take a picture of yourself in Alexander The Great’s costume and then use it as your header along with the caption:The Conquerer of the World and all that blah blah 😛

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