That word “love”

You can thank (or not) Geoff for this post! He has linked to a discussion and article on why men are not in church, and one of the reasons was the style of worship, with its emphasis on “love”. I could have gone off in many different directions from that post, but decided to ponder this notion of love a little more. I sometimes wonder in church what it is I am saying when I sing about loving God. What does it look like, feel like, actually mean to love God? For me, to love is mostly about action and attitude, less in the land of feeling. I do “feel” God in times of worship or in nature, but it is more like an awareness of God’s majesty, bigness in contrast to my own relative smallness. Amazingly, I feel noticed, safe, but overwhelmed.

It is a complex thing to ponder. To simply say “love” seems to reduce the experience somehow. I love ice cream. I love chocolate and a coffee with a fabulous crema. I love people who are dear to me. These just some of the images I have of love. But what is it to love God? It seems less difficult to think about what it is to be loved by Him than the other way around. Maybe this is how it is meant to be, given that he is the ultimate source of love. It is most likely that what we experience and label ‘love’ is the faintest of shadows of the real thing.


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