Let the stories begin

Tonight was the first session of the Forge National Summit, Dangerous Stories II.  Mike Frost gave a talk, followed by the brooding Sons of Korah and their dramatic musical interpretations of the psalms.  Mike described the temptation of Jesus from the perspective of its preparatory role for the extraordinary three years of his messianic mission.  It was a rather different treatment from the “Jesus resisted temptation and so can you” approach.  Mike is a great communicator, and his analogy of growing mission from  “soil” rather than “dirt”  hinted a shift in emphasis from challenging the organisational status quo of the church to desiring the more radical transformation of the soul as the birthplace of effective mission.  Perhaps being missional is more closely aligned to Jesus-centred counter-cultural values and spirituality than counter-church style.  Sounds like a good development to me!