I have been tagged by Anna with the obsession meme.  I wouldn’t have described myself as especially obsessive, but there are some things that frustrate me if they do not occur in a certain way !

1.  I absolutely cannot stand the doona being on the bed askew.  As far as I am concerned, it is rectangular in shape for good reason.  To hopefully coincide with the proportions of the bed.  It is not designed to be at right angles, or with the shorter side across the width of the bed.  If you don’t know what I mean, you obviously do not a) – care, or b) – share a bed with someone who does not care. In a similar vein, I firmly believe the buttons ought to go at the foot of the bed.  Preferrably right side up.  Now I am questioning my self assessment concerning obsession!

2.  I can’t stand cups of tea where the milk has been added before the bag has been removed and the tea has achieved its desired strength.  It seems to me that premature milking of tea arrests the development of its flavour.

3.  I cannot stand bad punctuation, which unfortunately screams at me everywhere I look.  Errors such as:  “cheap tomatoe’s!”  I have never met a tomato interested in owning property.  Potato’s – a similar offender.  Book’s are us.  There is a seriously significant number of people out there who have totally misunderstood the humble apostrophe.

4.  Pens.  While I am not as bad as I used to be, I am partial to a fine writing instrument.  The feel in my hand, the colour and flow of the ink, the smoothness and colour of the barrel – all issues of importance.  To retract or not to retract.  In high school (back in the antiquated days before computers everywhere) a fine pen was essential for my work.  I could not begin to write an essay unless the pen was satisfactory.

5.  Art supplies.  I am not as committed as I would like to be to actually using art materials, but I love the smell of papers, paints, the softness of pencils and pastels, the vibrant colours, the feel of art putty in my fingers. I feel similarly towards fine musical instruments, and could easily have a collection, whether I had the skill to play them or not.

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