Wide brown expanse

I am away on holidays at the moment, and have travelled slowly across north west Victoria, the heart of the mallee country. Dry, salty land, treed by emaciated gums with twisted forms.  A sun-drenched land with gleaming blue skies that meet a rust red horizon, a palette occasionally broken by carpets of almost fluorescent yellow flowers, and fields of fresh young wheat.  A couple of days ago we stayed at Pink Lakes. This photo captures part of the view from our alfresco dinner table.


A tired ramble

I have had a frantic day today spent madly packing.  Tomorrow we are leaving for a family holiday – a road trip  to Adelaide, followed by a flight to Alice Springs.  We will be camping along the way in a teeny tiny hiking tent.  Murray-Sunset National Park is sure to be a highlight, and I hope to get some great desert photos there.  Getting ready to go away is always painful.

I have been a bit quiet here, partially because I have started another blog (related to my job, which, I am excited to say, had 145 hits on one day after being up less than a month).  I guess I have also posted less because I er, haven’t had much to say.  As is abundantly clear from this post thus far.  I hate writing without a bit of fire in my belly about something.

However, there is one thing bugging me at the moment.  I have put off writing waiting to see how it pans out. For those of you who read my blog and live outside Australia, I apologise for the ‘localized’ flavour of my next few thoughts.

I feel stirred up about the recent legislation passed concerning the Northern Territory.  I spoke to an Aboriginal friend of mine tonight, and her grief runs deeply.  After all these years, countless stories of sorrow and horror, ‘white’ Australia is again enacting to ‘protect’ the aboriginals by taking control of their land, their children, and their right to administer their own communities.  And it is all packaged neatly in an emotional box labeled ‘abuse’.  I do not doubt there is abuse of children in Aboriginal communities.  Just  as children are abused in Melbourne. In Canberra.  Where-ever there are people, there are children being abused.  And I do not question the need for our country to protect its most vulnerable citizens.  But I can’t imagine children in suburbs like Kew or Croydon being forcibly checked for abuse under threat of taking control of resources of the family.  It wouldn’t .happen.  But it is happening to those counted among “the least of these” in our country.  Those with the smallest voice, the least economic and social power.  For how long will we repeat the mistakes of our past?  When will the plundering cease?


I have always been a bit opposed to personality tests, mainly because I don’t like to be boxed in. I also don’t see personality as static and unchanging. After studying psychology, and one riveting subject on testing and design, I am also skeptical of the results. It is not hard to work out how the questions will shape the results, and to respond according to your desired outcomes. Having said that, I am also a little intrigued by them, and occasionally find them a bit of fun. Especially if they tell me that I am the kind of person I want to be! I found the link to this one via Robbymac.

This is apparently who I am….

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I always thought I was a bit more of an introvert than this lovely little table suggests.  I should actually be studying.  Now where does procrastinator extraordinaire fit in?