APEC in the red light

I have been rather quiet here, for a number of reasons. I don’t like writing without having something to say, although this conviction has not really halted this post! I am frantically busy, and have too many “shoulds” and “musts” on my list. Blogging is not one of them.

Nevertheless, this caught my eye whilst perusing the ABC news website. Before I elaborate (please don’t follow the link yet), consider the media coverage for recent APEC gathering. I don’t believe I heard about anything other than the issue of security, with a few nasty protest moments. And a lovely story about the partners of heads of states off for a little fraternizing together. The official website boasts the following motto – “strengthening our communities – building a sustainable future”. Of course, strengthening communities and sustaining our future is all about money. Let there be no confusion – the “E” in APEC does not stand for the environment, or equality, or any other noble “e” word. The economy is god. And the much heralded APEC event has given Sydney’s red light economy a good boost. Apparently in the weeks leading up to the event phones were running hot for Sydney brothels, as the delegates frantically tried to set up discrete dalliances to tide them through the two days. APEC offers included “the Presidential Platter”, and the “United Nations double”. Mixing business and pleasure. Tell me, how does this strengthen communities and builds sustainable futures? What does it mean for the women left at home in the various countries represented by APEC? For our Australian women? Just further evidence of the brokenness of our world.