Here’s a find for the first day of the new year – thanks to the very soon to be married for the heads up. I like cartoons, and the more insightful (with the odd bit of cynicism) the better. The cartoon below is from “The Ongoing Adventure of ASBO Jesus”.


I like it. A lot. My thoughts are less about the merit (or not) of the views captured by the statements, but rather what they typify. Christianity in our postmodern world is often viewed as a package of strong views such as these, and precious little else. If only dogma was quite as cute as the little dog here. No, Christianity is less known for its acceptance, grace, mercy and justice than for dogmas that often propagate attitudes that are the antithesis of these things. I don’t propose a wishy-washy theology that wavers like a cultural chameleon. I am just not sure that these views are as central to the heart of Jesus, the reason we call the bible “good news” as they are sometimes made to be. Maybe our dogma needs to be exercised off leash. Thanks for the cartoons Jon.


2 thoughts on “Dogma

  1. Hi Christina,

    Wow!! What a great blog site, I’m filled with unholy envy, not just because of the ‘hi-tech’ stuff but the great articles; this cartoon with the dog is just great. I’ve just finished Mclarens book; “More ready than you realize: Evangelism as dance in the post-modern matrix” in this book he speaks of this very thing (dogma)it has its origins (like most outdated thinking) in the enlightenment its called ‘foundationalism’ its one of modernity best draw cards. Its a little like Berlin after 2WW was over, the view is this; the only truth that remains is what cannot be shaken, and on this a whole theological empire has been built, post-modernism does not focus on buildings but more portability a little like the children of Israel with the tents, they can be moved with out to much effort. In the gospels on the Mount of Transfiguration the disciples were keen to ‘set up camp’ they wanted to build permanent fixtures, this is modernity in a nutshell.

    Regards Bob

  2. Hi Bob, thanks for your encouragement re my blog. I must get back to writing more regularly – I miss it. Love your contrast between fixed buildings and tents to describe modernity vs post-modernity. I do like camping, in more ways than one!

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