January 5

In my attempts to find poetic inspiration, I googled poetic forms and discovered the Found poem.  It takes and refashions existing texts. For this effort, I chose Paul Keating’s famous Redfern speech delivered on the 10th of December 1992. I cannot take credit for the phrasing, as it is a cut and past of Keating’s words. Not sure if I like it or not, but it was an interesting process.

Bad History

We brought the alcohol
Took the children
Committed the murders history ignored
We simply cannot sweep injustice aside
Imagine these things being done to us
We cannot imagine

We are beginning to recognise
We are beginning to learn
We are beginning to see
That the problem starts with
Our failure to imagine
These things being done to us

It can’t be too hard
If we open one door others will follow
There is everything to gain
We can have justice out of the shadows
The basis of a new relationship
Begins with the most basic human response
Recognition they are part of us

We need to open our hearts a bit


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