January 10

An Abcedarian poem (every line has to start with a letter of the alphabet, in order).

About ten thirty it was, she remembers

Because Rage was on the TV and she had been

Cosy on the couch

Doona around her shoulders

Embers of a cigarette 

Falling on the floor

‘Get on with it.’ 

His voice harsh and hoarse

Ice in his eyes as he

Jammed the pills down his throat and hers

‘’K,’ she had said, wondering if she should

Leave him, but she had lost so much already.

‘Melbourne please,’ and they had sat down

Next to the window, but he was 

Off his seat

Pacing and paranoid, while she sat

Quietly, feeling warmth in her blood and the sweet

Rocking of the train as it raced through the dark

Suburban streets, slick with sheets of rain

‘Time for a drink,’ and he had tugged her

Under an umbrella and into a bar – and that was when she had started on the

Vodka, and he kept 

Washing down pills with whisky, and now it kills her that she can’t remember the 

eXact moment when she found him, so cold in the pale

Yellow lamp light on the

Zebra crossing


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