More than just a scribble

It is late and I should be in bed, but I have just found the most amazingly simple drawing program called ‘Scribbles’ with great possibilities – check out this image below for example:


I am not sure if it is ok to post the image – I couldn’t find any info on the gallery page. Full credos to the artist “Nico”. I am looking forward to playing with Scribbles. Only for macs I think.


Here’s a find for the first day of the new year – thanks to the very soon to be married for the heads up. I like cartoons, and the more insightful (with the odd bit of cynicism) the better. The cartoon below is from “The Ongoing Adventure of ASBO Jesus”.


I like it. A lot. My thoughts are less about the merit (or not) of the views captured by the statements, but rather what they typify. Christianity in our postmodern world is often viewed as a package of strong views such as these, and precious little else. If only dogma was quite as cute as the little dog here. No, Christianity is less known for its acceptance, grace, mercy and justice than for dogmas that often propagate attitudes that are the antithesis of these things. I don’t propose a wishy-washy theology that wavers like a cultural chameleon. I am just not sure that these views are as central to the heart of Jesus, the reason we call the bible “good news” as they are sometimes made to be. Maybe our dogma needs to be exercised off leash. Thanks for the cartoons Jon.


I have always been a bit opposed to personality tests, mainly because I don’t like to be boxed in. I also don’t see personality as static and unchanging. After studying psychology, and one riveting subject on testing and design, I am also skeptical of the results. It is not hard to work out how the questions will shape the results, and to respond according to your desired outcomes. Having said that, I am also a little intrigued by them, and occasionally find them a bit of fun. Especially if they tell me that I am the kind of person I want to be! I found the link to this one via Robbymac.

This is apparently who I am….

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I always thought I was a bit more of an introvert than this lovely little table suggests.  I should actually be studying.  Now where does procrastinator extraordinaire fit in?