Poetry in motion

Tonight we enjoyed a sumptuous Japanese meal in Brunswick street Fitzroy (and no, for those of you who read my blog as regularly as I get around to posting on it, this is not going to be another post on the delights of Japanese cuisine).  Afterwards we watched  contemporary dance companies Idle Hands and Random Takeaway perform at Gertrude’s Brown Couch, a bar in Fitzroy.  The performance was part of the Melbourne’s Fringe Festival.  One of my friends, Jesse Mitchell, played guitar and sang as part of the final performance.  The choreography was achingly beautiful and sensual.  I don’t think I have ever seen a dance performance before (I have an aversion to musicals, and don’t feel old enough for operas or the ballet).  I was really impacted by the marriage of song and powerfully intimate movement.  It was like being privy to a deep moment between lovers in a way that is normally reserved to the far less adequate two-dimensional Hollywood screen scene.  It was a real treat, and if you are in Melbourne, there will be performances next week – check out the above links for dates.