January 17

Today’s poetry challenge was personification. This sketch is my first attempt at rhyming for a very long time, and is a tribute of sorts to my old Ikea kitchen table.

Your little Bjursta

I’m completely wrong here, I know
Too dark, too small and too scratched
You really can’t blame me though
That the chairs you chose don’t match

Remember how happy you were
When you fitted me in your hatchback
Yes – there were others you preferred
You two-faced queen of the flat pack

But back then, I was dark and clean
And you used me to dine and play
The curries you spilt were obscene
But I didn’t mind the chardonnay

And then your children came along
with food I became encrusted
They beat and played me like a song
Hectic yes, but we adjusted

Quick fixes and the fancy meal
Laughter, tears and noisy chatter
Hosting the meaningful and real
You were all that really mattered

There she stands, I’m to be replaced
And you banish me down the stairs
Sulking in a corner, disgraced
But it’s her turn for mismatched chairs

January 13

I am not particularly inspired today. This sketch requires work, but I am posting it anyway, as the exercise of writing daily is about discipline rather than brilliance.

Old Age

Tears like rain
Slide down her cheeks
She does not
How her life has come to be
Defined by clocks and locked doors

January 12

Inspired by an afternoon at the pool with my children. A shadorma (Spanish form that is a little like a haiku).

Sparkly blue
mirroring the sun
At the pool
Rainbow clad
Children shimmer like minnows
Voices shrill with joy

Above them,
the plaintive cries of
open mouthed
wagtail chicks
Are barely noticed in the
wild cacophony

January 8

This is another ‘Found Poem’. I have drawn phrases from a number of quotes by Tony Abbott and rearranged them into a poem of sorts. A little naughty, but I had fun putting it together.

Housewives of Australia
have a bit of sex appeal
very connected
young, feisty
I probably feel a bit threatened

We always have
Enormous numbers of women
They are different
simply doing housework
Focused on the household budget
As they do the ironing
It’s folly to think they will ever dominate
I don’t think its a bad thing at all
The most convenient exit
From awkward situations
The easy way out
To be on Team Australia’s shirtfront
A place for everything
Not everyone’s place
I don’t have any magic answers